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 Our People                                                                                      

Professor Dr Roger Mills - Group Chairman and CEO

PhD, MSc, Cert Ed, BTech (Hons), M. Coll., FCMA, FCIS, FCT

Roger has a unique blend of academic and business experience. He has a PhD in Finance, a Masters in Management and a first degree in Psychology, Sociology and Economics. Roger trained as an accountant in industry; he is a Chartered Management Accountant and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, and the Association of Corporate Treasurers.

Roger has written numerous articles and both authored and co-authored many books, the most recent on Corporate Finance having been published recently (see VF Publishing). He has consulted to numerous companies and organisations in many countries around the World, including Asia, Africa, South America, Australasia, the Middle East, Russia and Western/Central/Eastern Europe.

Arnold Bohl - Group Chief Operating Officer


Arnold Bohl is a Dutch national, educated in the Netherlands prior to studying his MBA at Henley Management College. He has broad international experience in consultancy, marketing and sales obtained from having worked in US and Asia, (Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong) as well as extensively throughout Europe. He has substantial experience of the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) to paramedical and light industry sectors and has been involved in business development in new company start-ups as well as international channel management.

More recently, he has been involved in management development and the challenges of obtaining the best mix of benefits to all parties operating within the corporate setting. In fact, his area of specialisation within a value improvement context is the quest to help organisations understand the importance of the wellness of their workforces in achieving superior performance.

Professor Bill Weinstein - Group Director of Strategy

MPhil, MA (Oxon), BA

Bill Weinstein is Emeritus Fellow in Politics, Public Policy & Management, Balliol College, Oxford University, and Emeritus Professor of International Business, Henley Management College. Bill’s speciality is the interaction of external environment and corporate strategy and organisation, especially in international companies. He has special interest in scenario thinking, applied in practice of strategic planning, supply chain strategies, risk analysis and restructuring of international business. He is also an author, speaker and workshop leader he has specialised in the impact of geo-political, military, governmental, regulatory, economic, technological, social, industrial structure and competitive changes on businesses, followed by the re-development of corporate strategy and organisation in response to anticipated changes.

Bill has developed a distinctively fast and stream-lined version of scenario thinking to help executives to focus sharply on their key strategic choices. This approach has been applied to a wide range of businesses such as engineering, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, steel, vehicles, mobile telephony, logistics, business services, retailing, insurance, and various kinds of banking.

Bill's practical experience has been that of a non-executive Chairman or Director of several companies some of which have been Stock Exchange listed.

Dr Carole Print - Director (Europe)


Carole is an associate of CIMA and spent her early career in industry, working for UK and International companies in the areas of financial accounting and management accounting. Her roles included the management of the accounting function, development and management of forecasting and planning as well as involvement in training. She been involved in management education and development since the 1980's.

Her doctoral research was focussed on shareholder value and value creation, particularly on issues of implementation. More recently her research has been involved in the area of the reporting of intangibles, with particular emphasis on human capital.

Dr Peter Clark - Director (Europe)

DBA, MBA, ADipC, BBA Beta Gamma Sigma, FEI

Peter has over two decades' management consulting experience with large (Booz, Coopers & Lybrand MCS) and medium-sized (MAC Group, VBMC) consultancies, with more than 70% of those projects in telecoms: all seven of the original 'Baby Bells', AT&T, NTT, BT, others) including some network acquisition projects.

Dr. Clark heads the finance area at UCL and is lecturer of that university's Mergers & Valuation course. His 1991 book, Beyond the Deal, dealing with acquisition valuation, was The Wall Street Journal Book of the Month in Nov. 1991. Recent papers concern the issue of terminal value (distant period) valuation central to many valuation exercises, including spectrum valuation.

Dr David Ewers - Director (Europe)

DBA, M.Sc, B.A. (Hons), Cert Ed, MIMgt, A.Dip.C

David's early career was in banking, financial instruments and commodity trading. He also held financial posts in industrial and commercial enterprises. He focuses upon the relevance of accounting and finance to management by utilising both theoretical and practical approaches. This supports the learning experience, which underpins the participant's interest and understanding of the importance of finance in commerce and business. His consultancy experience is drawn from a range of worldwide assignments, where issues of value management are primary corporate objectives.

David's interests include issues of stakeholder/shareholder value, financial issues of valuation, corporate governance, value creation by the design of executive remuneration strategies and empowerment incentive programmes.

Dr Giampiero Favato - Director (Europe)


For over a period of nearly two decades, Giampiero had senior international management responsibilities in the global life science industry. This was ultimately as a Director in one of the leading pharmaceutical companies, where he was leader of global teams dedicated to innovation and change.

Giampiero has conducted some pioneering research using Real Option pricing models to evaluate pharmaceutical projects. His current academic research interests focus on the managerial relevance of real-option decision-making. Additionally he is conducting intensive research into pharmaceutical R&D economics, cost estimation, and optimisation of stop/go decisions.

Natalie Mills - Director (Europe)


Natalie Mills studied business economics and is a graduate in Accounting and Finance.

Prior to joining Value Focus she acquired extensive experience of tax and she brings to Value Focus substantial experience of tax related issues generally and specifically for foreign investor clients. She also is an experienced conference presenter and trainer.

Dr Ann Watcharinpan Noypayak - Director (Asia) 

PhD, MBA, BA Accounting

Ann's career spans both the commercial and academic worlds. She has had wide business experience at an executive level in a semi-government agency as well as local and international companies, and has also combined this with an academic role.

Ann was awarded a PhD in Organisational Communications in 1999 by Bangkok University, Thailand and Ohio University USA and has been lecturer at Mahidol University, Thammasat University, and Bangkok University in addition to the McCombs School of Business, the University of Texas.

Dr. Jurairat Unhaka - Director (Asia)

PhD (Economics), MBA (Finance), BA (Accounting), CPA, DCP, ACP

Jurairat has extensive practical experience having held senior positions in the telecommunications, media, entertainment and paper business for more than twenty years. 

Jurairat’s professional financial background was initially in auditing and she trained as a CPA with KPMG, mainly financial institutions. Subsequently she held a senior financial position in Thai telecommunications as executive director to take care of their treasury, project finance, hedging and international investments in India, Philippines, Lao and Cambodia for over 10 years. After that she had been a CFO and executive director of media and entertainment for three years. Prior to joining VFL she was CEO of paper manufacturing for almost three years.

She has been executive directors of finance and securities, private fund management and worked as senior regional analyst for global fund for two years. Now she is the charman of audit committee and independent director for construction, real estate, food & beverage and chemical companies.

Jurairat’s experience is broad and covers internal auditing, risk management, accounting and finance. In addition, she lectures on Executive MBA in Chulalongkorn University, Assumption University, TOT Academy and MBA in Ramkhamhaeng University.