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Value Focus Investment specialises in helping international entrepreneurs, businesses, and professionals make their international operations

  • more profitable,
  • better protected, and
  • more professionally operated and managed.

We also provide other important services for qualified international business people, such as helping them legally to secure residency.


The common need that most of our clients have is for a structure to be developed and implemented legally for more efficient and cost effective international operations. This need applies whether the client is:

  • an entrepreneur seeking to establish or improve a new international business, or
  • a business or businessman seeking to establish or improve international trading operations, or
  • a business or a professional seeking to distribute intellectual property internationally, to gain more profit and with all proper protection (e.g. music, patents, copyrighted software), or
  • a professional seeking to sell expert services internationally, while maximizing profits.

It also applies to property and other assets where the present owner wishes to minimize the exposure of the assets to taxes and duties.

This common need is generally fulfilled by organising the international operations being considered (trading, expert personnel services, intellectual property distribution, asset management, etc.) under an international company formed in another country's jurisdiction that permits a more favourable operational cost profile. These companies are known as offshore companies, and there are a quite number of countries offering them today - with considerable benefits to the owners of the offshore companies and long histories of absolutely safe operations. All this is achieved perfectly legally, and with total confidentiality. Naturally, we strongly recommend that you consult with your own legal advisers and accountants to verify that the offshore option applies in your particular situation.

Value Focus Investment 's clients are widely spread geographically, come from all over the developed and developing world, including: Africa, Australia, Austria, China, Belgium, Canada, Central and South America, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Eastern Europe, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, many Middle Eastern countries, Poland, Russia, all of Scandinavia, Switzerland, Taiwan, the Ukraine, the United Kingdom, The United States.